Dreams without work accomplish nothing.

A young man looking into an Architectural working drawings of a building imagine it’s beauty and all the aesthetics and style, visual three dimensional views of the proposed structure or building.

He could dream and look forever about the awesomeness of the design, but this beautifully planned structure would become a reality only if he channel his excitement and vision of this drawing blue prints to the ground by working it out.

You have to work for your vision and dreams to become a reality.

Apostle Paul in the bible couldn’t have reach the Gentiles world with the gospel of Jesus Christ if he had only rejoice in his new relationship with God, learned to live by faith, analyse his resources and looked for a conducive healthy environment in which to live.

Paul had to work to release his potentials and to achieve his purpose. Every successful man always know the meaning, definition, beauty and significance of work.

The new testament of the Holy Bible is filled with stories of Paul’s effort to share God’s gift of salvation with those who had not heard the gospel.(See particularly Acts 13-20.).

When one door close, he looked for another, when his traveling companions interfered with his plans, he parted company with them, and looked for others who could shear his vision. Not even riots, beatings and imprisonments prevented him from continually seeking ways for preaching the gospel of Christ.

Again and again, Paul worked hard, labored more abundantly than the other apostle of faith in the Holy Scripture, fighting discouragement, misunderstanding and distrust to fulfill his commission from God.
All who want to accomplish great things must work.

The love for work is the secret to personal progress, productivity, and fulfillment because work encourages the release of potentials, and potentials is God’s divine ability for responsibility. Potentials is the abundance of talents, ability and capability given to every person.

When you refuse to work, you deny yourself the opportunity to fulfill your potentials and your purpose. And you forfeit the productivity that could have blessed yourself and others. Therefore you steal from the world.

The greatest safeguard against this theft is for us to understand the purpose and nature of work, and to live from that knowledge.

The Purpose of Work

Most of us are not interested in discovering what we can accomplish when we go to our jobs. We go to work only because we want a paycheck. This view of work is contrary to God’s purpose for giving work. He is more concern with our use or abuse of the skills and talents he gave to us that he is with our financial wealth or poverty.

He want us to be good workers, not good job keepers, this change in attitude requires that we begin to ‘see’ work as a ‘blessing’, not a ‘punishment’.

Work as God planned it was given to man before he sinned. It is his will to make us productive and fruitful, because God’s assignments and activities always involve work. He designed men and women to share in his creativity by giving them the opportunity to work.

Even as God worked through his spoken to make this Earth, so we also must work to reveal the invisible possibilities that exist in us.

In general, work is God’s gift to help people discover their potentials. Until you start working to discover what you can be, you will miss the blessing inherent in work. Work profits everyone who work by…..

• Providing for physical needs
• Building self-esteem
• Teaching that the discovery and use of talents, skills, and abilities is far more important that the acquisition of money.
• Developing an attitude the sees a challenge as an opportunity to reveal the great stuff inherent in him.
• Offering the opportunity to transform dreams into reality.
• Multiply resources, and,
• Revealing the potentials that is yet to be exposed, tapped, released, and employed.
• Blessing others as we give generously of what we have and who we are.

God’s work in creation was to deliver or reveal the potentials hidden inside of Him. He labored to birth the world. This concept of laboring to deliver is the central factor in God’s perception of work. Work releases potentials and empowers success.

It uses innate abilities and natural talents to share experiences and proficiency. It also energies the world’s productivity ability and activates mans’ creative power. In essence, work brings forth from a man or woman the possibilities that will die with that individual unless they are activated, performed, produced, and fulfilled.

In the absence of work, strength and energy waste away, dreams and vision wither and die, God’s given skills and talents degenerates, and productivity wanes. So laziness which is the absence of work aborts potentials, sacrifice, opportunities and possibilities.

Finally, God’s purpose for giving humanity work is to bless them by calling forth from them all that he sees in them. He designed man to meet his needs and the needs of others through their ability to work.

When you see work from this perspective, and you accept the opportunities to work as the gift of a loving God, who want to bring out the wealth of your hidden potentials, you will find that work becomes anticipated pleasure to be embraced as an opportunity to find happiness and fulfillment.

Work is the master-key to releasing your potentials.

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