The Role of Mind in the Place of Success

Don Justice


Most people have not come to realize the important role the mind plays in their day-to-day life and experience.

Human being is a spirit; it has a soul and lives in a house called the body.

So human being, they only see things from the physical perspective. They don’t have a clear understanding of their nature.

They don’t know they are spirits like God is.

The words say, He that is born of the spirit is a spirit. We are born of God, so we are spirits. But that is not the end.

You also have a soul. The soul comprises of three things;

  • The mind
  • Emotions
  • The will

These are three things that function in the soul.

The soul is generally called the seat of the person that is personality.

Am going to dwell on the mind.

The mind is very important department of the soul. It is the seat of the intellect and it has to do directly with what you think and how you think.

It controls your personal self-esteem. In many places, it’s rendered as the heart.

The mind the seat of the intellect has over powering influence over the other aspects of the soul.

It is obvious that man’s intelligence level will affect his emotions and choice of things. His will, so the mind becomes crucial in success pursuit.

One thing you should know the mind is the battle arena. It is where ideas are harnessed and hatched. It is where thought spring up.


The greatest schemes in the world today are products of ideas originated from the mind, and this includes positive and native ones.


They are all products of thought and thoughts originate from the mind.


The principal used of the mind is thinking. God gave you the mind to think and that its major function.

When the mind has concluded the thinking, it passes it to the ‘’will’’ to decide. That is why most people do not make any success.


They are good thinkers, but poor decision-makers. Even in choice making, your mind is still actively involved.

The mind is the batter ground for success or failure, prosperity or poverty, health or sickness. It is the mind.

That is where the stronghold is. Apostle Paul said it is the stronghold-the war arena (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:

(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

I would like you to considered three things from these verses that will enable you to have success in your Endeavor.


Imagination or Reasoning: the mind is the seat of reasoning, and if you want to succeed in life you must imagine the positive thing.


Knowledge: the mind is the seat of intellect, it gives birth to success. In the school of success knowledge is the key.


Thought or Meditation: is the principal function of the mind. Any one that wants to taste success in life must know how to think through a problem and give solution to it.

You reason with your mind. It is one of the basic activities of the mind. Knowledge is another.

The mind, as you now aware is the seat of intellect. You know with your mind. Thinking is a principal function of the mind.


If you put all these together, you will know from the structures they makes up your first battle. It is the battle of mind.

In other words, what you imagine, know, and think will determine what your life becomes eventually. Or whether you will amount to success or not.

The structures made us to understand, before new birth this is the functionality of who we are.

Body – Soul – Spirit

After new birth, it will now reverse

Spirit – Soul – Body

Before new birth, your thought life was not that OK, you where operating in the platform of natural thinking.

Your thinking life was unstable, and that explains the perversity that characterized your day-to-day activity.

Your actions and reactions were controlled by the thought that took root in your mind.

In my illustration, I would like you to take notice of the soul. Is at the middle, it does not change. But now that you are born again, your mind (soul) remains just the same.

That means your new birth in Christ has qualified you to have the mind of success.

You are not a failure any more, and you have no business with failure. You have the DNA of success.

Truly, when you are born again your spirit will change. But that does not affect the mind.

If you want to achieve success you have a part to play, by renewing your mind daily.

Renewing your mind with the word of God and with the books that has to do with success, you might not see them.

But as you read their books, you are robbing mind with them.

Note: God’s word is the divine tool for conditioning your thinking life

There are three things that governed thinking they are;

  • Association
  • Observation
  • Teaching

Your mind conditioned with what you observe, what you see automatically registers in your mind. In your business, academic and career what did you see or observe? Say to yourself I see success and break through.

Your association also matter, if you want to experience success in life.

It is also controlled by what you associate with and of course what knowledge you allow it to acquire.

Base on this truth, you can determine what you think by controlling your observation, association and what you are thought.


Think upon the word of God. Allow your mind to settle on success thought. By so doing you will experience success.

Renew, control and re-orientate your mind to think word based thoughts.

It is important for you then to watch your thought pattern. People easily fall a victim of not achieving success in life because of their mind-set.

They refuse to watch over their thought pattern, the choice of what you think about is yours.

Your thought pattern controls what happens to you.

If you did not control and master your mind power to think success thoughts, you can never be successful in life.

If you become conscious of what you think regularly, before long you will see that your thoughts (desires) begin to pattern and determine your life circumstance.

What you sow is what you will reap. If you want success, sow success seeds.

Think success thoughts, see yourself successful. Don’t allow any other thought, because you never can rise above your thought level.


It controls and dictates your actions. It patterns your life style and you will be exactly what you think of yourself.

Thoughts are images.

When you think on a particular thing, they seem to you as images, but the images are painted to the outside world in words. (Proverbs 23:7) says,

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he… that mean you are the image you hold to yourself. You are exactly that image, the picture you paint of your life.

You must begin to think success thoughts if you must be successful in life. It will affect every areas of your life.

You can’t make any impact where your thoughts are not established upon. Think of what God says about your success.

Build that image, allow it to be real to you and give it all it takes. That is the secret.

I don’t mean to say it is easy, you will face challenges while you are renewing your mind to think success.

Your mind will tell you is not going to be possible, you can’t make it back out.

That is the battle you must win, if you want to succeed in life. The unrenewed mind is the greatest antagonist of success.

Saturate your mind with success truth and associate with success people.

Observe success materials and success teaching.

Allow them to take hold of your thinking and by so doing you will notice divine transformation in your life.

What you think about has a way of getting across into your spirit man.

And when it comes to that, it becomes wonderful or dangerous, depending on whether the thought is positive or negative.


When something gets into you, it has reached the state of accomplishment. You are ready, eager and set to do it.


Be careful of what you think about, think success not failure. Think prosperity not poverty and think self – esteem not-self – deprivation.

As a man think in his heart, so is he

You don’t desire to be poor, so don’t think about it. You don’t desire to fail, so don’t think about it. If you must think anything, it must be what you desire in life.

Think positive, think good, think success and think health. Thanks for reading and I would like to hear from you.

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