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The practice of public relations began with the sole thrust of adjusting the behavior of the organization and individuals to align with the interest of their public’s.

It is a systematic development and sustained commitment by organizations and individuals to a culture of goodwill interchange of understanding in order to be accepted by the various public’s within the context of social, economic, political, religious or cultural interactions.

Good behavior results in goodwill and acceptance. Good behavior involves deeds that have in them the interest of both the organization and its public’s. The practice of public relations to a large extent is in agreement with the interest of its public’s in order to secure friendship and understanding which is goodwill.

Public relations forecast assumes the responsibility for making known before hand the possible effect s of its organization or individual client policies and conduct on the large public.

Through research, possible reactions of the targeted public to potential policies and conducts are predicted and a detail programme of action is fashioned out with the cooperation of top management in order to align the objectives of the organization with the public interest.

More so, without public interest at heart, public relations practice will be full of crisis. A common saying in the religious circle maintains that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, (Matthew 12:34) while the interest of the public’s can be regarded as the abundance of the heart, the opinion speaks of the heart.

This compels the public relations activity of the organization to constantly monitor or scan the environment and identify the direction of their opinion whether negative so as to reduce or eliminate the existing gap or positive in order to enhance existing opportunity.

Furthermore, public relations practice as a light to the society (public’s) is more than the presentation of a point of view, neither the art of tempering mental attitudes, nor the development of cordial and profitable relations, it is simply a name of activities which have social significance, sensitivity to the business environment, it is an activity whose social significance bears the interest of the society.

Such activities must have a thorough understanding of the needs and the avoidable of society, while the corporate objectives must be pursued to a profitable end; the volume must be reduced in some measures in order for the goodwill, acceptance and understanding of the operational environment to be secured.

public relations is geared towards ensuring mutual understanding. Mutual understanding is a child of two-way communication. This refers to a situation where the organization encodes signals and listens to the public reactions and the subsequent behavior is conditioned by the common interest identified.

An interchange of relationship is the thrust of public relations, a philosophy that is diffused into the relationship between an organization or individual and its public’s.

In addition, public relations provide the necessary supportive role that makes the working environment conducive especially for those on line function. For example in engineering, production and sales to work effectively.

It helps  analyzes the possible effect of management policies and corporate behavior on the various public’s, it gives warning early enough to enable management adjust through relevant programs of action which helps translate corporate image from negative to positive direction.

In a nutshell, the practice of public relations is planned not accidental.. Every activity directed at the establishment and the sustenance of the desired image must be considered schemed out in form of arrangement before the actual execution.


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