Ten Things You Do To Have a Better Future

The future is very important, why you need to pursue a better future is that many people are living their life and as they live it, either by design or by default. A life by design means there is a purpose; there is a plan of what you are expecting to happen today or tomorrow.

A life live by default is a life based on failure to do what you want to do or failure to do what is required. I want you to know that future arise bit by bit. Every day of your life God give you a brief-case called twenty-hours, what you do with the twenty-four hours decide how your future will look like.

You cannot blame others about your future; it is in your hand to make a better future. Those who least expects the future is the one the future will catch unaware. Those who prepare for it make their future meaningful and colorful.

It’s time for you to look into the future and tell yourself, two years or five years from now this is what I want to become. Because the future is where you will spend the rest of your life, whether you like it or not. It will always come. Know this now; when you lose everything the only thing you are still having is the future.

Pursuing a glorious future has to do with you having a better life. It is your responsibility for to pursue a better future. Every day of your life you must learn to put install for tomorrow.
What do you do, to pursue a better future? Below are the ten things you do to have a better future;

1. Your Decision

Recognize that your decision affects your future. Your choice is your decision, who you decide to be a friend with, who you decide to marry, where you decide to live, and the job you decide to do. They have a positive effect to your future.

Your wish does not change anything it is your good decision, that you make that change something. Choose what you want in life. God does not violate your decision but God gives you power to make a choice. Your decision is the starting point to make all achievement in life.

A man wake up one day and make a decision to travel around the world, he make money and he make fame. Your decisions find your destiny, whether good or bad, will fix all your life. Your decision on who to follow in life, because everyone you come in contact with lives a piece of words with you.

2. Your Thought

Your thought influences your future, the way you think. Because the Word of God said as man think in his heart so he is. You cannot be different from your thought, because your life is a summary of your thought and you are what you think.

If you have confident on yourself inside, it will show outside. If you have a poor value on yourself, it shows outside. If you accept who God say you are, it also shows outside. Wrong thought will poison your mind. It will produce negative result.

Every spread of your life spring from the hidden seed of your life. You can eventually become what your thought is.

3. Your Confession

Your confession affects your future. The things you say will decide if you will have a better future or not. Your mouth is the gate way to your life. When you say the wrong thing to your life you blow off your life. If you must have a great future you need to be careful of what you are saying, is not what people are saying about you. you don’t judge your life with what they are saying about you.

Words are more power than will realize. Words shaping your life, words strengthen your life. You should know that what you confess give access to God to use in your life. You need to speak life against tomorrow even if you have a terrible experience in the pass.

That was in the pass, it has been buried in the grave. So start saying what you want in life, not what you did not want. Start confessing the words of God into your life. Because the words of God has the capacity to shaping your life.

The words that you are speaking they are spirit and they are life. Your words find you, fix your boundary and fix your destiny. If you want to have a better future keeps saying positive words to your life. In life you will meet people who talk you down don’t give up.

4. Sowing

Your sowing also affects your future. Your future can multiply with the seed you sow when a seed live your hand harvest is sure. Your sowing fixes your future. Your giving is a seed, love is a seed and favor is seed. A given life is a pleasurable life. Sowing a seed will show you how your future will look like and a farm plant before the harvest is needed.

5. Action

Your action can also affect you future. If every of your decision is not accomplished by your action, it will not bring your desire result. In life there are three kinds of human being in the world today.
• Those who make things happen
• Those who watch things happen
• Those who stand around and saying what is happening.
Which categories are you now¬¬? What are the action you carry out now for the accomplishment of your vision and your purpose in life.

Until you understand that, this world you are passing it, you will pass it without making a mark. Your action will decide how your future will look like. You cannot snap into the future you did not plan for. Every action has its own result; your action today will decide how your life will look like for tomorrow.

You influence your destiny with the action you are carrying out now. Your action with the money you have and the action with the opportunities you had. Your action will always produced result.

6. What Did You Believe

If you want to have a great future you must believe on the finish work of Jesus Christ. You must learn how to hold on to God in your life. Every human being believes on something on Earth. What do you believe on today that will enable you to have a better future you desire to have? Every day of your life you must take action of faith.

7. Who You Trust

Who you trust will decide if you are going to have a better future or not. God said trust me with all your heart and do not learn with your own understanding. Fear God and leave from evil. The ability to trust God will decide what you will deliver. You must learn how to trust God. Who you trust make your world different and trusting in men is foolishness, trust God not men.

8. The Holy Spirit

What you do with the Holy Spirit affect your future. The Holy Spirit is the miracle workers. It guides, He teaches you what to do. The Holy Spirit is a personality you need to recognize him as a person. He sees into your future, and tells you how the future will look like.

9. What You See

What you see have the capacity to affect you future. If you want to have a better future let me tell you, you cannot receive what you did not perceive. For you to have a great future you must apply the law of sight. What you see in the spirit, is what you will see in the physical.

You can only become what you see whether you like it or not. Stop seeing with your natural eyes, stop complaining about your background and the level of your education.

If you really know who you are in life one day you will employed a degree holders that will be working for you. Let me tell you progress only come by insight, hindsight and foresight. What you see affect you future.

10. What You Hear

What you hear affect your future. There is something you must hear and take advantage of it, that  will change your future. Information has the capacity to make you, and the whole of your destiny will be affected by what you hear. You should learn to read books and listen to messages that will shape your life for good.

Ask yourself question what can I do to have a glorious future. How can I achieve my purpose and my vision in life, refuses to listen to negative words. Be a reader; take time to read, because today readers are tomorrow leaders.

Your future is in your heart, encourage yourself to have a better future. Don’t be afraid of future, be bold. With these steps, I have review to you on how to have a better future. If you practice and follow them, God bless you.

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