Simple Tips to Follow to Turn Prospects into Customers

Don Justice

Simple Tips to Follow to Turn Prospects into Customers

How you sell your services and products will determine how much sales you get at the end of the day. You must increase your prospect’s perceived value of your services and products following these 10 simple steps:

1: Start with a company that have a problem you can proffer solution to

Many organizations always make the mistake of treating all prospects like they’re ready to buy, but that’s not usually the case. According to a recent Marketing Sherpa study, of all the inbound leads coming to an organization, only 10-15% are ready to buy. 60-65% are qualified, but not ready to buy.

This means that your prospect is the right person, at the right company who is not just  ready to buy right now. This is where drip marketing comes in, helping you build credibility as you stay in front of prospects.

You will also have the opportunity of engaging with prospect in open communities before they are included in a drip marketing campaign.

2: Engage your prospect early enough

Before prospects can become buyers, we must first engage them upstream. Your prospects aren’t going to become permanent customers over night without you engaging them early and gaining their trust.

You are more likely to get business from them once they are ready to buy. No matter what you do, a customer will only buy when he/she have the desire to buy.

3: Connect with prospect

You can make a connection with the prospect through social media platforms like face book, Instagram, twitter etc. in order to ask them questions to determine their wants, needs, and organizational goals.

4: Include content strategy

With content marketing, you will be able to stay in front of your customers. Also include a following, write for the company instead of the customer and engage in two-way communication when planning your content marketing strategy. Also, have the following in mind:

What do I want people to see or learn?

What do I want people to remember about the   product?

What action do I want people to take?

5: Tell a Story

Human beings have been telling stories for thousands of years. And this is how messages have been passed on from generation to generation. They trigger emotions because we are emotional creatures.

Gerard Zaltman, the author of How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market found that 95% of cognition happens outside of our conscious brain and inside our subconscious, emotional brain.

Telling stories helps activates parts of the brain associated with sight, sound, taste, and movement. They also make us feel an experience without directly experiencing it.

They literally transport us into the world of the story and light up our emotional brains, which is where we make our decision whether to buy or not.

6: Always communicate with Prospect

Communicate with prospects by informing them of your new products and also pay attention to them in order to know what they want from your products and what benefit they have derived from the product.

Ensure you understand what the prospect needs and wants to do, where they’re going, and what they’d like to achieve.

7: Thoroughly study your prospects

You must know the product and services your customers like best before carrying out a better marketing plan. You have to also ask yourself the following questions like

Who are your targets?

Where do they live?

Are they rich or poor?

Are they educated or uneducated?

What influence them?

How often do they buy from you?

8: Build relationship

When building relationship with your prospect, also build trust and increase their expectations. By giving out timely and accurate information, you are encouraging the prospects to trust your judgment and appreciate your advice.

Also make sure the prospect understands that what you’re selling will help them achieve their desired outcome.

9: let your customers interest comes first

Once you understand your customers, put them at the center of your sales and marketing efforts. These Five tips will help you yield more customer-centric sales:

Use “you” instead of “I” when advertising

Find ways to let the customer talk about himself or herself.

Learn and master customer’s existing priorities techniques

Respect their time

Let your current customer sell for you

10: Collaborate with prospect

Collaboration involves stretching out hands to others for assistance. It is true that no man is an high land, this is the more reason why you need the opinion of your prospect in order to be at the top. Collaborate with your prospect to achieve mutual goals.

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