Simple Tips on How to Use sms to Connect With Your Customers

Many marketers today lack the awareness of connecting to their potential customers through the use of Sms, email or calls. They strongly believe that after sales their contract will end. But marketing is more than that in real sense.

Customers need your best attention; the only way to win customers in the competitive market is through the use of constant flow of communication. Give them close mark never relent, always troubleshoot for more customers and encourage them to always buy from you.

Email is ubiquitous after You can create a group chart and add your new customers in that group always write motivation tips to them for example thank you yesterday for patronizing my product . Only a thank you can go a long way to make your customers believe you love them with this they will always come back to patronize your product.

In this article, I’m going to show you some basic need for using Sms to win your customer’s mind and make them be your permanent client in your business.

1. Run promotions and sales

When running promotion and sales, the first thing to consider is time, make sure text messages is received immediately, you must be time conscious.

Capitalizing on this angle  will help you attain higher return on investment (ROI). Increase customer satisfaction

For example, if you sell pizzas, it’s better to launch out a promotional push in the evening right when people start thinking about their dinner with this there will be a high standard of service delivery.

2. Develop your customer service


You can develop your customers service by multiple chats at the same time. Using Sms as a means to reach out to your potentials customers. Because most customers prefer text in order to keep them in tough with the current product launch out to the market.

Always write to your customers often, attend to them when needed always tell them the change on goods and service and build their focus on your product through SMS package.

3. Offer tips and advice

Offering your customers some tips and advice is the best way to keep them informed, make sure the information you’re giving to your customers is relevant to them not a false information that have no meaning .

When information is relevant it goes a long way to build trust and make your customers believe that you are real, so that any information you are sharing across can have a real meaning.

4. Don’t forget about the engagement

Make sure your customers  trust your engagement so that anytime you call for meetings through email or Sms they will give you more attention you require.

Have you ever missed any engagement before?  Clients get annoyed if they find out that you are the type that don’t meet up to appointment they find it difficult to build trust on you. you can’t expect client to wait for you at the end the turn up becomes disappointment.

5. Keep update and reminder

When you remind someone to return and complete the deals, when you’re sending this reminder message you must include offers to it like free shipping, discount from the handcart, or presently a discount period to attract shoppers to come again to complete their purchase.

6. Vouchers and special offers

As far your customers have giving you the permission to have their contact number you can chart or send bulk Sms to them. And also, you can help people who are shopping through cart reminders, give them update to help them to shop in the original place. Always offer people the opportunity to come back to their cart, vouchers, agreement, and unusual offers.

7.  Feedback

After you have sent Sms, find out exactly what your customers think, carry out a research or ask them their last shopping experience and how it was? Was it really successful? You can use Sms to reach them for more confirmation. Sms is the best way to connect with customers and get to know what they’re thinking.

The conviction of text message allows customers to react anytime, anywhere. That’s why text messages outcome is higher than any means you can ever imagine. It is rated more than any other platform. It also help customers be familiar with what you value.

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