How to Perform Content Marketing without Money

Don Justice


Even if people are saying it content is a king, saying it will never lead you to anywhere.

Do you have the idea on how to improve on your plan, create content that are useful. Not only that, how to promote the content?


These are the things content marketers should consider. I know how difficult it is, when a content marketer is trying to make a marketing avenue to go viral.

Maybe you don’t have enough income for content marketing.

I know, but there’s a way out.

As a beginner in content marketing, and you don’t have the same budget as other huge brands have. You don’t have any big company to rely on.

Well, some beginners are coerced to fight for their piece of the attention pastry. I believe, there is no different between you and them.


Even if you don’t have enough budget and the resources to start-up with, you can still achieve your content marketing results.

Study show 70% of your customers would rather learn about your business through an article as opposed to an advertisement.

What you need now, you need the right place to post your blog ideas.

Below are lists of right places, to post your blog post ideas.

Join Facebook groups

Joining and engaging with Facebook groups is a good way to discover new ideas for your content. Like me am in a group called bloggers supporting each others.

Every blogger has a Facebook group for their niche.

The beautiful thing about Facebook group, will have many people asking questions.

And those questions may serve as a chance for you to create content.

In my group, someone ask a question. As a blogger, how do I grow my email list?

This was the answer, from some one in the group.

Now, the problem is how do you grow your email list? Let me tell you the most effective way to grow your email list.
Have you ever thought of giving out a free content to your audience? If you have not then it’s time to consider it. Why not give out a free content to your audience in exchange for their emails? That will serve as your lead magnet.


So what if you don’t have any audience? Well, you can reach out to your niche through Facebook. Join Facebook groups that are related to your niche and offer your free content or eBook to them. In the post, leave a link to your website landing page which enables them to click on the link, fill in their email and download their content. It’s that easy. When working on your free content ensure that it.


Give them content that tells them exactly how to do that. You can also ask them; if they have any challenge they should bring it to the group.

Giving out quality content that answers people’s questions give you confidence to create meaningful content, which actually solves a problem they’re having.

Without money, there are various ways you can achieve your content marketing.

Listen to podcasts in your niche

Podcasts is one of the great medium in which people share their content. There are many podcasts that is being produced every day.

You can have access to it by browsing the titles of your content.


Simply enter the keywords of your niche you are involved in, and then select a podcast that is important to your audience.

Some time most of this podcast have well descriptions.  Not only do you have the title ideas, but you will have the core knowledge of what podcast is all about.

Note: it’s not all podcast you should listen to OK.

Take advantage of Amazon

I would like you to take advantage of Amazon. It has several books about your niche.

It will help you to generate content ideas.

All you need do enter the name of your niche in the search bar and wait for the display of various books.

Choose the one that is most relevant to your niche; with this, you have gotten the idea.

After seeing the book, which you are interested on click on the book and read the table of content to get ideas for more particular content.

To look for content that is not yet exploited or used, head to the reviews section.

In Amazon, people do leave reviews. They leave reviews about what is lacking in the book.

In this process, those people who read that book would like to learn more about content marketing instruments.

Peradventure, you want to create content, you can create content on the content marketing instruments. Build on this content you had discovered from the book.

It will help you; you already know that people are in need of it.

Create your content

Once you’ve put together your content ideas, it is time to begin producing your content.

Some time, a lot of people do hire content people to help them, and you are going to pay them for it. Don’t do that; remember that you are doing it without money.

All you need do share content responsibilities with your staffs in the company.

This is how you should do it, some will be in research, some will be writing and some will be in editing unit.

By doing this, the work will become easier. Don’t leave the content responsibilities for only one person.

Another thing I would like you to know is this; don’t post your content every day. I want to acknowledge my content Guru Backlinko, I found out from him most of the content he post, is between three weeks or even a month.

This is where so many startups go wrong. They think they need to post content every day to succeed.

I assure you, you can do well if you post relevant valuable content once a week for your audience.

OK, see what Hupspot has to say about content posting. But the best practice is to post around 16 times per month.

A study by HubSpot revealed that companies that published 16+ blog posts received 3.5x more traffic than their competitors who published less content per month.

Prepare for promotion

If you want to succeed at content marketing, you need to get your content in front of as many people’s eyes as possible. What’s the point in producing content if no one is going to read it?

Normally, outreach takes time and money. Many People spend money in programs; BuzzStream just to make sure their content is being track by email.

If you have no budget, these tools are out of your reach. However, there are still free strategies you can use to promote your content.


If you want traffic on your content marketing, start now by building up your public circles and join important Google+ Communities. You can share link with them through other social media.


The best way to drive traffic to your LinkedIn is by being active in groups. You can as well create a group for yourself.  It could be a group about your website niche.

The purpose is to engage the spreading of your content about your site.

Peradventure, you have writing a blog about your content marketing; you can post it on LinkedIn and add a link to that content.


Through this process, you can have access to many professionals in different industry that will have interest to your content.

Is a huge way of driving traffic to your website from professionals like you all over the globe?  It’s also very useful for marketing your content too.


Follow people who are also on the niche with and start tweeting! People won’t follow a brand new account if it hasn’t tweeted anything yet.

Start out by retweeting popular figures in the industry, mix in some tweets about your website with links, and start conversations with other followers.

You won’t gain a large following if you simply tweet a link to the new blog post you just wrote. You need to provide some sort of interesting content that compels web traffic to follow the links to your site.


This means keeping up with and updating your niche’s culture on twitter and inserting an appropriate hashtag here and there. If your tweets are interesting, people will click on your links and go to your site.


Content marketing is very good, I believe you already know that.

Even with a limited budget and resources, there should be no reason you can’t get involved with content marketing.

When you involve in it and you do it well, your income will increase and so will your authority increase too.

And when your income and authority enlarge, you can then reinvest those wages to scale your content labors with a plan you know that works well.

Content marketing is all about using different ways to tell the story of your brand. It’s there to engage, educate, and urge your audience to become better at what they do. Thanks for reading and I would like to hear from you.

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