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The marketing communication is a network that helps to reach a defined audience to affect its behavior by informing, persuading, and reminding. This is the primary goal of marketing communication to introduce customer to brand, by building awareness and encouraging trial.

The secondary goal of marketing information is building and reinforcing relationship with customers, prospect retailers, and other important stakeholder. Push strategy relies more on consumer demand than personal selling  product. The personal ways  to push the product through these channels.


The marketing communication require decision making, the price will be differed. The place through the customers may purchase the brand.


The evolution of the integrated market communication has two origin. marketers  bring to notice that advertising, public relation, and sales were often at odds regarding the responsibilities, budgets, management input and myriad other decisions affecting the successful marketing brand.


The advertising has four characteristics (a) it is persuasive in nature (b) it is non- personal (c) it is paid for by identified sponsor. (d) Advertising messages may promote the adoption of goods and services, person, or ideas, through the use of symbols and image advertising can help differentiate product and services that are otherwise similar, advertising also helps and maintain brand equity, is an intangible asset that results from a favorable image and impressions of differentiation, or consumer attachment to the company brand, or trademark.


Public relation is define as a management function, which identifies, establishes, and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between an organization, upon which the success or failure depends.

Advertising is a mix of communicating from seller to the marketer, receiver and the consumer or the retail trade public relations considering multiple audience consumer employee suppliers vendors etc.. and use two ways monitor feedback and adjust both its massage and the organization actions for maximum benefit it.


This is the oldest method of marketing, is the process of communicating directly with the target customers to encourage responds by telephone, mails, electronic means or personal visit. The users at direct marketing include retailers wholesaler , manufacturers and service providers,


Database marketing is a form of direct marketing attempt to gain and reinforce sales transaction while at the same time being customer driven in essence, it identify who they are, and how it may  purchase in the future. database  marketing  develop and to implement effectively, companies considering database marketing should also consider three important questions.


The direct inducements that offer extra incentives enhance and accelerate the producer to consumer promotions. it  may also includes incentives to visit a retail establishment or request additional information.

Trade promotion includes slotting allowances, buying shelf space in retail stores. two perspectives may be found among marketers regarding sale promotion. First, sales promotion is supplement to advertising, it binds the role of adverting with personal selling.


Sponsorship, or event marketing, combine advertising and sales promotion with public relations, sponsorship increase awareness of a company or product build loyalty with a specific target audience, it help differentiate a product from its competitors, provide opportunities, demonstrate commitment to a community or ethnic group.

Organization sometimes compares sponsorship with advertising by using gross impressions or cost-per-thousand measurements.


Exhibits are hybrid forms of promotion between business to business advertising and personal selling. Trade shows provide opportunities face-to-face contact.


This is the purpose of introducing the customer by convincing him/ her of the products value, and closing the sales in this case it have to include all person–to-person contact with customers.

Personal selling is the most effective way to make a sale because of the interpersonal communication between the sale person and the prospect.



The website provide a new way of transmitting information, entertainment, advertising and have generated a new dimension in marketing electronic E- commerce is the terms used to describe the act of selling goods an d services over the internet.

It is a marketing channel itself with companies such as, CDNow, e bay, and other selling goods via the internet to individuals around the globe.


Marketing communication has become an integral part of the social and economic system in united state consumers rely on the information from marketing communication to make wise purchase decisions.

However, marketing strategies that stress relationship building in addition to producing sales will force marketers to consider all the elements in the marketing communication mix.

In the future new information gathering techniques will help markets target more precisely customer and prospects using direct marketing strategies.

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