How to Promote your Brand on Instagram

Don Justice

How to Promote your Brand on Instagram


Even though you have written a lot of content, you should have some great ideas and strategies for promoting your brand on Instagram.

To start just practice the following, and see yourself having the most engaged and growing following and ultimately having more customers.

1: Create an attractive profile.

Instagram is an image conscious social media site so take the advantage of creating an attractive profile.

Your profile must focus on your photo, profile description and URL link. Your profile tells your visitors who you are, what you do and what they can expect if they follow you.

For example if you are a marketing expert, your headline might say something like “I love to teach people how to carry out their annual marketing plan and to conquer their worst fears even in the face of uncertainty” be sure to always expect something from your audience. If you don’t know what to expect from them, your chance of getting more followers decreases.

2: Outline your goals.

Before sending your brand on Instaphere, ask yourself why you want your brand to be there and what do you want to accomplish or are you trying to create a brand awareness round the instagram community or in a certain area? Are you trying to get new customers, or to boost new conversion among existing ones?

With the use of Instagram ad tools, you will be able to target users who have visited your website, subscribed to your newsletter and get to know those who have bought something from you in the past and also boost up your conversation with them.

3: Establish a following.

You can get followers through advertisement. But if you want more followers through the organic route, then follow brand similar to yours and begin to follow and engage with their followers.

When you post your content, use hastags similar to those brands.

Reach out to like- minded brands and influencers about sweepstakes partnership.

Don’t also forget to let your followers on other social media platforms like twitter, Watsapp, face book; Skype etc. know that you are live on Instagram.

4: Choose the best time to post on Instagram.

Having the best content is good but determining the best time to post it is better. Try and figure out the best time to get the attention of your followers.

For example if you post most of your content very late in the night or  very early in the morning, it is simply not going to get as much engagement as you want.

Plan and schedule your posting time accordingly. Most researchers recommend that we post at about 9am, 12pm and 7pm especially on Saturdays and Sundays when people are less busy.

5: Post regularly.

Posting on Instagram at least three to four times a week is a good idea. Therefore, regularly posting on any social media site is a must.

Instagram is a bit more time consuming as it doesn’t allow third-party apps to post automatically. Don Justice suggested that you must post regularly if you want to be a well known Instagram influencer.

6: Add creativity to your style.

Instagram has provided a platform to help people showcase their brand in a way that attracts prospective customers.

Try and make your posts creative using various methods like adding quotes as images or employees, using funny memes, adding live video. This will help you develop a personal connection with your network and attract more followers.

7: Make use of live videos.

Posting live videos on Instagram helps accelerate the  like and trust factors that compel potential clients to make an investment in you.

Having your face, voice and message in front of so many people via the Internet will yield an incredible business success.

Quality images can mean a variety of things, from professional photos or those snapped on a camera phone to interesting composition and subject matter.

You can also use Instagram video to enhance a style pattern by intermittently including video with images.

Instagram video also has a filter feature that allows you to produce video in chrome or black and white which add additional versatility and fun.

Make sure the video quality is good and visually appealing to your target group. Your brand inspiring needs to deliver, brand relevant, quality images to resonate with your target audience and communicate your story.

8: Develop a brand culture.

You need to focus on adding value and lifestyle photos to your feed if you want followers to stick around to your brand. Use captivates and life inspired backgrounds and models to add a scenario to your brand so that users can imagine how it will look when they use them.

You can strengthen your brand by presenting not only your products but also cultivating the culture and lifestyle that surrounds them. This helps to strengthen your brand equity.

9: Include Geo-tags.                                

With Instagram you can add the location of your images to your posts and showcase the location of your business. You can use this feature to tag the site of an event your business is participating in or organizing.

A geo-tag appears above your photo and adds a location (street, city, or country) to show followers where you’re physically located. It’s a feature built right into Instagram. Geo-tags let potential customers know where they can go to find your products and buy. Plus, you can tap into local loyalty.

Many brands use Instagram to promote events, using geo-tags to share the location and invite followers who are near the area.


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