How to Become a Good Marketer

Don Justice


Many marketers do not know how to market their products. It is only those who have an idea, that will succeed even fewer succeed at it.

It’s good to understand why, and follow the rules and regulation that govern marketing. So that you can improve on your market skill, some time is often no clear link between effort and reward.

There are lots of thing marketers can learn from other business Guru. Whether it’s brainstorming new ideas for, predicting future market trends, or creating more likable content, an understanding of other business Guru will enable you to become effective marketer.

It is good for every marketer to come up with market awareness. Through this process, the customers will know their problem and how to profound solution to their needs. 

Here, the customer starts evaluating solutions to their problems. The customer settles on a solution and starts looking for the best ways to buy it.

In most businesses, it means spending thousands of dollars and countless hours to create marketing awareness, interviewing buyers.

If you are selling social media marketing software, your customers would like to know what social media is all about. And how can it benefit me.

By creating content for each of these keywords, you’ll not only get plenty of search traffic, but also capture traffic at different stages in the buyer’s journey. In this article, am going to show you five ways in which you can become a good marketer.

1. Make a list of keywords

Use your favorite keyword tool to come up with a list of keywords. Don’t fret about the total searches or the competition for now just get these keywords into a spreadsheet.

By creating content for each of these keywords, you’ll not only get plenty of search traffic, but also capture traffic at different stages in the buyer’s journey

2. Divide each keywords into special categories depending on its position in the buyer’s trip

Once you have a list of keywords, tag it as Awareness, Consideration or decision based on the fundamental question it asks.

For example, a keyword such as “social media marketing tools” shows that the searcher has at least some knowledge of social media marketing. This would make it a Consideration stage keyword.

You can use keyword like “Don Justice suite discount” shows that the searcher wants to buy Suite and Don Justice suite needs help making the decision. This would make it a decision stage keyword.

3. Design your buyer’s trip with top keywords

For each stage in the journey, remove keywords with low traffic and commercial intent. The remaining would form the foundation of your buyer’s journey.

All I need to do now is to create content for these keywords to reach the 94% of shoppers who use search engines to research their purchases.

4. Google’s Algorithm Updates Can Help Predict Future Market Trends

If you’re a marketer, following Google’s updates is good for survival. A single change in the algorithm, a video about a link-building tactic, or a blog post about Google’s traffic can mean a complete fix in rankings. This is why SearchEngineLand has a separate page just to keep track of Google’s market trends:

Given such stats, it was easy to predict that Google would eventually start emphasizing mobile-friendly websites in search results. Consequently, marketers were well ahead of their peers in making the switch to mobile.

5 Create a good Article that will serve as a Guide to your market Structure

If you’ve ever created any long piece of content, an article longer than 3000 words, a downloadable guide, or an online course, you know that one of the hardest things to come up with is a structure for your content.

You start asking yourself, which one I would do first. What kind of key words should I add to each title?


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