How to Beat Competition Through Strategic Visual Marketing

Don Justice

How to Beat Competition Through Strategic Visual Marketing

Several reports shows that customer’s loyalty is fast diminishing, with customers switching from brand to brand due to high level of competition.

Research also shows that in a normal conversation, the importance of body language is 55 percent, voice tonality is 38 percent and the importance of words is 7 percent in keeping customers intact.

 1: Distinguish your brand from others

There is no way two businesses can be alike, i.e. having the same features and characteristics just as no two customers are alike, hence the need for branding is important.

What is your business known for? What’s different about your business in comparison to other businesses in your industry? What do you want to be known for in the marketplace? Why do you want potential customers to stick to your product?

Whether you like it or not, you are going to lose some market sales when new competitors comes into the market. If you want your business to appeal to almost everybody, then define your brand and constantly communicate your unique selling point.

It is the businesses that don’t clearly stand for something that often get eaten up by competitions. If your business doesn’t stand for something, it will fall for anything.

You have to be distinctive, there must be something about your business that will make customers to keep them coming back even with the high level of competitors in the market.

 2: Include a Competitive Advantage

If you don’t have a competitive advantage then there is no need to compete for one. Therefore, it will be good for you to figure out a plan to create one.

Focus on the following areas when choosing a competitive advantage. Choose to beat your competitors by offering a more superior quality, beat down your price and also offer an affordable customer service.

3: Create and operate a Customer Database system

With a customer database, you will be able to keep an old customer and also get new ones. Because customers are very expensive to attract, smart businesses has therefore taking the lead to focus on a customer’s lifetime profitability rather than a one-off purchase.

They also place more emphasis on how to build a lasting relationship with their customers rather than focusing only on making sales because they have realized the importance of keeping their customers for ever.

This is also because your success in business will only come from the number of sales that you get from your customers.

This was the idea behind www.90affiliate strategy. We were more concerned about building and keeping a relationship with our customers for life rather than keeping them or just making sales from them for a while.

When you make every customer into a friend by caring first about their life before asking for their money, it will be hard for any competitor to steal them away!

There is nothing more powerful than having a communication link between you and your customers. It is the cheapest but most effective tactic against intense competitions.

4: Keep social media at the heart of visual marketing strategy

Sharing stunning visual content on your social media profiles will let you garner more activity on that medium .

Create an original picture for your profile that articulates the vision and message of your brand. This is even more imperative for your Facebook Timeline cover photo.

Actively use Instagram, face book, and other visual social media platforms and capitalize on their sharing capabilities to share on other social media sites your audience hangs out at.

Also invest in tools which include all the features you need and are easy to use, and get into a habit of regularly creating and sharing content and videos on social media.                                                            

6: Always communicate with your customers

The less time you give to your customers, the more time other competitors spend communicating with them in order to get their patronage.

You advertise your goods and services when you talk to your customers and carry out a market research when you talk with them. I.e. knowing what they like and don’t like about your visual marketing.

Consistently communicating with customers, is one very important marketing strategy that a lot of small businesses has neglected, and this is one of the key behind the success of most known companies.

Most big companies spend more in advertising and marketing research in order to keep their customers intact.

Therefore, you must keep in touch with your customers by not relenting in sending out messages via sms, and also keep in touch by updating them with vital information and words of encouragement to help them scale through during economic recession. With this in place, people will always keep in touch no matter where they live.

We didn’t just talk ‘to’ our customers; we also talked ‘with’ them through periodic customer satisfaction surveys that we conducted. Talking to your customers is a good thing, but talking with your customers is a great thing.

Why? Talking with them helps you understand them which in turn help you to serve them well. With this in place, you will be able to know those areas they want you to improve on in order to give them the best. You will also know those things they want you to stop doing that didn’t add any value to them.

7:  Be innovative and creative

People will always patronage a business that is innovative. Customers like innovation and creativity and this will help bring excitement to the market place.

You will be thrilled at what you will discover when you take time to study the reactions of people whenever a company is about to launch a new product or give a new name to their brand.

Recently, when Samsung Inc. announced the launch of its latest invention; iPad. There was so much excitement in the air as Samsung customers couldn’t wait to explore all the possibilities the new product offered.

Customers like innovation and creativity because, they want a little spark in their life every now and then.

With innovation in place, the market place always have something exciting to talk about and there is nothing that uplifts a business more than word of mouth advertising.

Try and find a way to get your customers excited enough to talk about your company as a result of the innovative and creative things that you constantly come up with, this will help give you an edge over your competitors.

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