A Simple Guides on How to Increase Your Facebook Page Fans

Don Justice

So years ago countless number of business men and women have register on Facebook page, why?

With Facebook they can quickly expose their products or brands to their customers. Since the pages is not difficult to create. It’s just zero overhead initially.

Facebook is more than exposure. You can also learn more about businesses.

And not only that, your customers can also have access to your brands and their overall market’s intentions.

I want you to consider something that has to do with page likes and follows. Many Facebook user do not understand the differences between “Like” and “Follow.”

If there is anyone that likes your page, the person will follow it. That doesn’t mean the person have started seeing your post always.

As a Facebook user, I will advise you to check under the follow tab, it have two options. The two options are Default or See First.

Note: the latter is the following a business wants because that business’s post feed will always show up on the visitor’s page.

if actually you want your viewers, not only like the page but See First and follow it. The best way to do it is for you to ask your viewers.

Don’t force it on them, just ask and give them good reason they should see your post first.

In the aspect of page likes.  Any good marketing initiative and strategy can be developed.

Below are steps in which you can increase your Facebook page fans. Practice them it will help you.

1. Engage them with Quality Content

One of the best ways to achieved digital marketing campaign; is to start engaging them with quality content.

It begins from your blog posts on your website to an infographic in a news-sheet; good content is a must if you really want to succeed in digital marketing.

Also applicable to Facebook. Make sure all your posts are useful to the readers and it can add more value to the ones they already have.

It might be on health tips or providing solutions, to help them actualized their vision or their desire goal in life. add a photo to any of your posting. look at this beautiful illustration.

It will get to the current page followers sharing your content on their own pages, which helps bring new page likes.

Bear it in mind, quality content truly is the ruler across all online marketing channels.

2. Attach Videos to your Post

As a Facebook user, another thing you should know to increase your Facebook fans is to attach live videos to your post. By nature live videos engages.

It will help others to share your post, which will help in reaching new viewers.

Facebook reported that 45-minute video’s peak; more than 700,000 viewers can watch it. Talk about going viral, and many of those watchers joined the page.

You will have more fans. You can start your own now. If you had not done it before, Live Video feed.

3. Post Frequently

Is easy, just having a schedule for posting. If a lot of divisions, post X amount of engaging content for each division at scheduled times during the week.

Take for instance, in the digital marketing world, quality content marketing posts may occur once a day.

Around afternoon, where other content may run from 2:30 pm using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a case study.

Engage experts to help you to create the posts for their respective divisions.

Hold an audience and make the feed reliable, week-by-week, day-by-day. Human being always look for something good to crave after and it will help your online social media to survival.

4. Promote Page on Other Social Media Channels

Cross-channel marketing in social media is very important for new Facebook page likes. You should open Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google+ and Blogger accounts.

Through this social media, you can promote your Facebook page. The best ways to promote your Facebook page on these social media at least, twice in a week, make sure you  promote your blogs.

The reason is that to capture the most amounts of likes to your Facebook page from new viewers.

5. Competition

Who doesn’t like competition, when you know is free. Be creative in your posting. There is a lot of competition in social media, all over the world. Be creative.

Make sure your content is powerful and attractive to engage your viewers. It will enable your audience to share your page, to their friends.

6. Get Facebook Ads

If you really want to build your Facebook page likes on time, paid advertising is a must. Facebook makes it easy to buy and create ads, and allows you to target any demographic of your choice.

Just keep the ads well, and give a meaningful reason why the targeted audience should like your page.

You can as well inform your audience, there is valuable information in my company through this Facebook Ads.

7. Connect With Other Similar Businesses

Always add valuable comments and react to other businesses within your market, in a positive way. To attracts their audience.

8. Give Discount on Services/Products for New Facebook Likes

This one is very active. I want you to consider it. “Like my Facebook Page, Receive 20% Discount,” Is good.

You can make it even more attractive so that the new likes will engage with your content for a few weeks before they receive another discount.

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