7 Ways specialists Are Spending Their Online Marketing Budgets

Don Justice


Some time many people often asked a lot of question, how do you make use of your marketing budget.

You might consider the question as an irrelevant question, right.

Some time nobody care about marketing budget, because they get carry away with others thing else.

I would like you to know how you spend your marketing budget is very important.

Marketing budget might be considered as a tax, is not a thing that we talk about, but we need to talk about it. It will bring changes to your life.

The reason we should talk about it, you can lose the huge amount of money if you are not careful about your tax. The same way you can spend your marketing budget in wrong places.

These days will have many marketers that spent thousands of dollar buying fake social media software.

Because they need social media followers, some of these things are not real. You must be careful about them.

That is why some of this marketer, they are not making any gain in their business because they refuse to spend their money wisely.


Believe it or not, for me, my brother and i the founder of gracefile.com had wasted some dollars, on internet stuff.

These day’s I am good in budget, but I learn it in a difficult way.


For what I had learn so far, am going to show you 7 ways specialists are spending their online marketing budgets.

I believe this information will help your budget and prevent you from wasting your money.

1 Content marketing tools

Giving out rich blog is not enough; your entire content strategy needs to be faultless.

There are lots of content that are not well organize, which include video or an image.

I believe you already have a content marketing strategy in your mind.

Is the content well-organized?

Do you organize the content and have a repeatable, step-by-step process that you can follow over and over.

These are the things you need to considered, so that you will not carry it over, to avoid wasting your time.

To be successful in your strategy, you need to use the right tools.


Any time we discuss about content marketing tools, we are referring to the right software.

Example of such software is content management system. A content management system is an instrument you use to enhance your content marketing.

WordPress is one of the greatest examples.

There are many content marketing tools out there, and the price range varies wildly.

When you check then, is not about the dollar amount you see that really matter. What matter most is how much of your budget you spend?

Now check out how the Content Marketing Institute found that, most content marketers break down their budget.

Take for example you have a different content marketing budget, it’ll be easier to measure the precise amounts you’ll want to use.


Bear it in mind that these numbers are pliable. There is no need for you to use exactly 60% of your content marketing budget on content making.

Let this numbers serve as principles to help you outline out what you should spend.

2 Backlink tools

Now I really want to talk about some important tools, every expert must take note on.

Before I proceed further I would like us to take note of important tools like “SEO tools” is a vast category.

Now I want to focus my attention on the tools backlink and it will help you to boost your link profile.

Believe me or not backlinks are the legal tender of SEO.

It enables you to get rank and grow your website.

Don’t be confused, will have a lot of free backlink tools that are good okay, like Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

Knowing fully how it work, if you really want to build your links you need to do some little investment.

There are lots of backlink tools that I will suggest for you.

The first is Ahrefs.

You can be fans to Ahrefs.

Using Ahrefs, you will enjoy a lot of free backlink tools, and most of this links will do well for your job. Ahrefs, will really help you, just go for it.

The beautify thing about Ahrefs is that, they constantly update their keyword data, and they have a huge index of more than 10 trillion links. Can you see how beautiful Ahrefs is.

I believe you can do a wonderful thing with Ahrefs. Is really good to be with them, I love it.

You can see what your contestants are doing, and track your search engine ranking.

You can check your Ahrefs often to see how your site is doing and look for ways you can get better.

Let me show you how it work, you can get a 14-day free trial by going to Ahrefs.com and clicking the orange “begin with your free trial” button in the center of the page.

Enter all your information and click “Continue.”

And reverberation, you have gotten a free trial for 2 weeks!

3 Social media preparation and Sharing

There is no need for me to inform or tell you that social media is very good for your business.

I believe every business men and women known the important of using social media.

If you have a social media master plan, why not take it to the next level?

There are few instruments that almost every marketer uses to run their social media accounts.

The first one is Buffer. I believe you have heard of it, even before now.

Buffer, it allows you to schedule your social media posts ahead of time.

You can link some social media accounts and automate posting for all of them.

I recommend you to use the paid version; it will help you a lot since the free version is limited.

You can also use well-liked social media tool is Hootsuite.

Hootsuite will help you in various ways such as content curation and many more.

Is lovely and I recommended you to try it, if you have not done it before. It will help you.

There is another beautiful one again Edgar.

4 Copy emendation

For a moment, I would like you to think and imagine the most successful businesses you know about.

Then login to their sites.

Look at their copy on the pages. Look at it very well, you will see that they have website with amazing copy.

Believe it or not, if your consumers aren’t connecting with your copy, they’re not going to spend in your product.

If your copy is not awesome, improve on it and make it awesome okay.

5 Ad remarketing

If you’re not using remarketing with your ads, be rest assured that you are losing customers and at the same time losing money.

If your ad appears once to your customers, they may not have interest in your product or they will not buy your product. It’s only few people who will buyer it.

The more they see your ad, the more buyers you’ll have.

This is the authority of remarketing.

It’s a simple technique, but it can get you more customers, and you don’t have to do a lot of extra work.

It’s nice to have a particular budget for remarketing. In fact, when you set your ad budget, you should plan some additional just for remarketing.

6 Chore automation

you can see this chore automation from www.confinedtosuccess.com.

Marketing stress will cut from you when you started doing less. That doesn’t mean, you have destroyed some chore. What you did, you automated them.

More businesses are automating easy marketing chore, and it’s simple to see the reason. You don’t have to waste hours doing these things yourself.

You can simply login to Zapier, it will help you.

It gives you access to automate chore within apps that you use, Trello, and any kind of apps Zapier will help you.

7 Paid ads

Very soon paid ads will not help any matter.

Please don’t leave your entire marketing budget into ads; spend little, okay.

There are many ad channels to select from, but I’m incomplete to Facebook ads.

Well, but they give nice ROI and allow you to get to a wide audience.

You can also spend your ad budget on, Google AdWords, Instagram, and Twitter.

All these platforms will help you if you use them well. Spend your ad budget wisely. Don’t be carrying away with so many activities. Pay attention to whatsoever thing you are doing.


Every year marketers waste away millions of dollars in marketing endeavors try to reach out to their goals.

But you should consider how you’re using your marketing budget so that you should not waste thousands of dollar.


Your marketing budget is significant, and you shouldn’t use it without putting a lot of careful thought into what you’re spending it on.


For now I have show you, how specialists spend their marketing budgets to avoid financial wastage.

Now go and practice them and make use of them. Thanks, I would like to hear from you very soon.


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